I can help you (to the best of my ability) to get access to political philosophy books.

Couple caveats:

  1. Sometimes books are not free, I will have to pay some money too. I don’t mind paying for you first, but you have to pay me back later. Trust is important.
  2. I don’t make money on this.
  3. You can use it for journal articles unless you cannot get it using 1) university log-in; 2) sci-hub. (If I get access using either of this method you’ll be banned for good).
  4. I will get you the PDF of the book (no hard-copy what-not).
  5. Turnaround is normally 24 hour, but I make no promise.
  6. You can submit in but, but one-book-per-line, please.
  7. Format: Book name (space) author (e.g., Morality of Freedom Joseph Raz)

Once you have read (and agree) with all these terms, click here: book

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