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To What Extent Does a Nation Require a State?

Module Essay 31439 – Nationalism Today Dr Klaus-Jürgen Nagel Sisheng Chris Zhang, Universitat Pompeu Fabra MA Political Philosophy Introduction For David Miller, nations and state are necessary to each others’ conceptions. “Nation’ must refer to a community of people with an aspiration to be politically self-determining, and ‘state’ must refer to the set of political…
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A Shareholder Approach to Intergenerational Justice

Module Essay W.C.: 1981/2000 31440 – Distributive Justice Today Prof Paula Casal Sisheng Chris Zhang, Universitat Pompeu Fabra MA Political Philosophy Abstract In this essay, I offer a shareholder approach to complement Mazor’s theory on intergenerational justice. Shareholder revitalises Mazor’s chain model by enabling a direct response to Parfit’s Non-Identity Problem; it also overcomes the…
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Is Rorty a Non-Ideal Theorist?

Module Essay W.C.: 2,682/3,000   31437 – Contemporary Political Philosophy Prof Santiago Zabala Sisheng Chris Zhang, Universitat Pompeu Fabra MA Political Philosophy Introduction The pragmatism of Richard Rorty sparked much attention amongst philosophers. Rorty’s proposal is distinctive from many existing theories in philosophy as it does not require the presupposition (of the value) of truth.…
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General Questions

Where are you now? Barcelona, Spain What are you doing in BCN? Second half of my double Master’s. What then, after the double Master’s? I’m currently applying for my PhD, I hope to go back to the UK, or perhaps stay in Europe. If all things failed, I shall go back to China (and see…
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Getting Political Philosophy Books

I can help you (to the best of my ability) to get access to political philosophy books. Couple caveats: Sometimes books are not free, I will have to pay some money too. I don’t mind paying for you first, but you have to pay me back later. Trust is important. I don’t make money on…
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Where did the MUN section on your website go? As I am no longer active in MUN (not sure if that’s “retirement”), MUN seizes to be a big part of my life. Archive posts, however can still be accessed here: What about your edited Rules and Procedures? Still available (though I have not update…
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What Distributive Principle Should Guide State Support for Education?

Abstract Sufficientarians believe that every citizen in a society should receive an adequate level of education. Educational adequacy, for sufficientarians is capped at the school level. It has attracted much attention and criticisms from other scholars, most notably, from the theorists of educational equality. In this paper, I strive to argue for a sufficientarian principle…
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